Patient History

Maintain Patient Visit , Diagnosis and Treatment History with ease. Maintain Patient Contact Detail.

Book Appointments

Book Appointments for Doctors. Maintain Status like New, Waiting, Consultation, Complete and Cancel.

Generate Bills

Easily Generate Bill and Print Receipt. Give Discounts and Maintain Pending Payments.

Get Specialized Hosting for Chikitsa with Installation and Support

Popular Extensions

Very useful extension for Skin Specialists.Mark the treatment Areas on Female / Male Face ,Front / Back Body images to keep record

Send Email and SMS Alerts to Patient and/or Doctors

Import CSV Data from your old Software

Allow Patient to Book Appointment Online on your Wordpress Website.

Rebrand Chikitsa and Sell as your own!

Add Departments., Maintain Doctor's Profile.Indivdual Fees ,Flexible Schedule and Doctor Inavailability


  • That’s really good for a small clinic, works great and is so easy! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!


  • You are doing a good job. Keep it up!


  • This is a very nice system and above all so user friendly than all i have tested before.Please keep up guys.
    This system will some day become the most used because of its simplicity in use.
    Keep up and try to give it extra time
    Thank u Ronnie Note.